We started in 2005 providing web services to the English speaking world from our headquarters in Northern Canada. We approach things a little differently from most web companies. Thanks for visiting!


The Internet is changing  There are now over a billion websites!!! There are millions of people using it for crime or questionable marketing and advertising. Our legal system was not set up to manage the internet and as a result even large companies are abusing the concept of law when they use questionable marketing techniques to sell their products.  The American election process is abusing social media with all sorts of hate and evil and low brow marketing techniques and while most of us think that the internet is "free" in reality we pay for it when we buy almost any product these days that uses the internet for marketing and sales..

Every day we get several e-mails with viruses in them. We get a few hundred unsolicited advertising emails for products that we have absolutely no interest in. Billions of these useless e-mails are sent out each day. There are huge problems to solve and they change every day. It is a fucking mess and I am sorry but there is no politically correct way of telling you this!  And today there is no sign of things getting better! Actually I think that they are getting worse. Human activity tends to occur in cycles and we are certainly seeing one here. In a cycle things tend to stay the same go up or go down. 

My name is Ron Battiston. I am the owner of this website and have worked in e-commerce and online as a Systems Analyst, Manager and Owner for over 20 years. Since graduating from University I have watched and participated online as the number of websites  and online sales grew. As the complexity increased things reached a point where I realized that I just don't have all the answers anymore and I don't think anybody else does either. If they say they do think again! One concept that I was taught at university is that when the supply goes up demand may not match it and prices go down. And when prices go down business has a problem because they must make a profit to stay in business. Today we are seeing a cycle where prices and profits are going down and businesses are failing. 

I have just returned from a one month "vacation" where I also did some work for two other companies that we own. (BattistonPublishing.com and NorthTreasure.com ) We flew out via Alaska Airlines in the USA (an excellent airline) and then drove back on the trans Canada highway to our head quarters in Northern Ontario. If you have never driven across Canada be sure to put it on your bucket list! You will have a much better understanding of how Canada works and the strengths it has. And you will also have a better feel for the economy where today we have several business cycles in motion that are producing significant changes. Retail, Resources, Manufacturing, Services are all changing and that means that the Internet is changing too. When you begin to "follow the money" things start to make a lot of sense. Unfortunately neither the media nor the government seems to be up to date on what is really happening out there and people who own and operate businesses have a better grasp of reality.   Now lets review our services. 

Can you get rich on the Internet?

Maybe. Maybe not. Actually most websites lose money! But nearly everyone who builds websites for you neglects to tell you about this fact!

Can you increase your business for your store front operation? How much money should you spend? I am an honest guy. I won't rip you off and I won't share your information with anybody else and I won't sell you a service that I know won't work. And I can't tell you for sure that any service that I sell you will work.  In fact in many cases I may suggest to you to limit your involvement with the internet. I don't work on porn, religious or political websites. Why? I am just not interested in them. 

I have decided to concentrate on simple and more affordable web design. Here is one problem. In today's world we have viewers on several types of viewing devices the main ones being smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. In order to meet these different sized viewing needs designers are offering websites using something called adaptive and responsive programming each of which requires complicated and expensive web design to build and then to maintain. And this means that your expenses to build and maintain your website will be too high to support your small and mid sized business needs! So the bottom line here is that our web design will not work as well on all three main types of viewers as others more expensive and more complicated designs. But we will be more affordable. Much more affordable!

If you are interested in our services please contact me by e-mail. Let me know what your objectives are and I will let you know if I can help. We are located in Northern Canada and offer services in the English speaking world.

And the last point. When a person expresses an opinion or an idea some will listen and benefit from it and some will listen and hate the idea. Those folks are called the haters and my experience has been that trying to convince a hater that you have a good idea that will benefit them is impossible. And they can't help it. So as mean as it sounds we don't do business with haters! There is nothing wrong with a good argument but sorry folks I have had my fill of haters. 

Next we have a list of our web domain names for sale and a link to a huge source of names: 

  Email : Ron for more info.





We have placed our domain names for sale on Sedo, a well established company from Germany with over 16 million listings and an excellent reputation. 

Here is a list of some of the domain names we have for sale today. The names are very unique and easy to remember and there are lots of potential to use them for interesting websites if you wish to invest in the internet at this time.  Please  remember that these sales are on a first come first served basis and there is only one of each. 


















If none of the names appeal to you please click on the box below where you can find 16 million more! Finding a good affordable domain name can sometimes take many hours and be quite frustrating because most of the good ones are already taken and the really good ones are pretty expensive. Another good reason to consider the names we have here!  Thanks! If you have any questions my e-mail link is below this box and I would be happy to help!



   Email : Ron for more info.


Here are some examples of our web design. We offer a less complex and more affordable method of doing business on the internet. This gives you an option to consider. Yes you can spend much more and yes you can have a complex website that works well on several viewing sizes or you can use our approach! 


BattistonPublishing.com  We have been a registered Publisher in Canada since 1996 and have some very interesting titles for you to read! Most books are in print and e-format. Our titles include a book which is one of the best book in the world on reducing winter driving accidents and the best book every published in Canada about how business really works. 

NorthTreasure.com A very interesting collection of military artefacts and other one of a kind items which you may never find anywhere else.

WaterBomberAirForce.com Here we make a suggestion on how to incorporate Canadian built water bombers the best in the world into the RCAF and we show how that could save billions of dollars of assets in this new environment of increased forest fires due to climate change and the reduction of old growth forests. 

EarthSweater.com  One of our several websites. Here we have interesting and useful manuals and titles at very reasonable prices and fast downloads. This one is not working very well at present. We purchased it as an experiment from Ebay as it used the wordpress program but clearly it needs work. A lot of work. 

INTERPOL CYBER CRIME An interesting site about the types of cyber crime on the internet well worth reviewing. There have been some major changes in cyber crime lately and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sarah MacDougall "Sometimes you lose Sometimes you win". Sarah is one of Canada's best singers and this is one of my favourite songs!

Bryan Adams "the Ric a Dam Doo" One of Canada's best Regiments the PPCLI Sung by the wives of our soldiers.


Here is a picture of me standing in the Pacific Ocean near Ogden Point in Victoria British Columbia Canada.  Looks a bit silly but standing in the cool fresh salt water of the Pacific is a fun thing to do! Try it sometime! I was a scuba diver in my youth and also lived on a large sailboat for a few years and maybe that's why I like it so much!