A Canadian approach to the Internet and why we are changing our business to adapt to the new dangers. 


Today there are huge problems on the internet and we think that these problems have destroyed what was once a good place to conduct business. Therefore effective December 17, 2016 we are withdrawing our Internet website design services until such time that the situation is resolved or begins to improve because right now we feel that the internet is going downhill in terms of it's business cycle and this will cause the loss of trillions of dollars of business assets. 

Why we Stopped our Internet Website Design Services:

The Internet is changing  There are now over a billion websites!!! There are millions of people using it for crime or questionable marketing and advertising. There are over 12 million high risk IP addresses today! And each day we see over 100,000 more high risk sites being added! Establishing enough security for your website is becoming very expensive and increasingly difficult.  Recently, we had one of ours -BigCanuck.com hacked from Hackers located in India and then used to distribute porn! We quickly fixed that. 


Users are also being bombarded with unwanted and often inaccurate information for marketing purposes. And those so called free aps for your cellphone and netbook contain up to 50% malicious content which is almost unbelievable but the criminals -many of whom are from Africa, the Orient and Russia and North America are now using the internet as their main source of income!   

Every day we get several e-mails with viruses in them. We get a few hundred unsolicited advertising emails for products that we have absolutely no interest in. Billions of these useless e-mails are sent out each day. The actual cost to send out these e-mails is extremely low so even two or three responses in a million e-mails earn the crooks enough money to continue this behaviour. 

And it gets worse! The criminals are impersonating large technology companies and financial institutions including:







Wells Fargo

Bank of America



Canadian Banks


Who do we blame? This is a problem that has developed over the last ten years. It has gotten worse every year and now it is so bad that the internet has been destroyed as a safe venue to buy and sell goods and share information. Who is responsible? Our governments are responsible for ensuring that their citizens live in safety. But they did nothing to track down hackers and put them in jail. They did nothing to re-design the internet and access to it to bring security levels up. The main culprit here is the "Leader of the Free World" as he has the position that everyone looks to to solve world class problems. This is most certainly a world class problem. Mr. Obama is a very nice guy. But he did nothing to solve this problem and every year he served as Leader the situation got progressively worse. The Canadian Prime Minister did absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Hopefully the new PM and the new President will work on this problem and come up with some solutions to first slow down the growth of crime and then to remove it. 

Update January 1, 2017. I am very happy to report the following comment from President elect Donald Trump which he made to a group of reporters. 

Surprisingly Trump seldom uses computers or email despite the fact he often uses twitter. Here is what he said about them, 

"You know if you have something really important write it out and have it delivered by courier the old fashioned way because I will tell you what - No computer is safe. I don't care what they say" 

I agree with Mr. Trump 100% on this issue. For years I have been concerned about how digital files vs analogue files are processed. Once a document goes digital the security on that document dissapears. You never really know who has a digital document but with a paper document you do. Finally we have a leader who is aware of reality on this issue and is doing the right thing. Some people hate Trump but on this issue it would be very wise to consider carefully what he is saying and how he treats computers. 



My name is Ron Battiston. I am the owner of this website and have worked in e-commerce and online as a Systems Analyst, Manager and Owner for over 20 years. Since graduating from University I have watched and participated online as the number of websites  and online sales grew. And times have changed a lot!

Today we are seeing a cycle where prices and profits are going down and internet businesses are failing. These are difficult times and I have decided that I cannot help solve the problems that our governments and internet administrators have allowed to grow out of control. I was raised to believe that there is no such word as "can't" but this date I have decided that the Internet is simply a dangerous mess that is getting worse every day. And sorry I can't help you fix it anymore.

But there is one thing that I can do. I can review your business and your use of the Internet and give you my analysis of what your best approach for the future is. My recommendations will save you much more than my fee if you apply some of the ideas that I suggest. I will not share any of your information with anyone else. I prefer to deal directly with the CEO, SFO and or the Owner of the business. Interested? Please contact me here. And I prefer to provide you with my report via an analogue (paper) record not an e-mail. I will send the report to you via registered mail. This will help to establish a good level of privacy because too many e-mail systems these days have been hacked and no longer provide you with secure communication! 

In my opinion we are now in very dangerous and declining times in the Internet and the potential is here now to lose large amounts of money.  I can help you prevent that from happening! 


Can you get rich on the Internet?

Maybe. But likely not. Actually, most websites lose money! But nearly everyone who builds websites for you neglects to tell you about this fact!

Can you increase your business for your store front operation? How much money should you spend? 


Next we have a list of our web domain names for sale. I have cautioned you about the potential problems that we face today. However if you still wish to proceed with some form of internet activity then these domain names could be very helpful in helping to establish a site that people will remember and visit. 

  Email : Ron for more info.





We have placed our domain names for sale on Sedo, a well established company from Germany with over 16 million listings and an excellent reputation. 

Here is a list of some of the domain names we have for sale today. The names are very unique and easy to remember.   Please  remember that these sales are on a first come first served basis and there is only one of each. 



















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EarthSweater.com  One of our several websites. Here we have interesting and useful manuals and titles at very reasonable prices and fast downloads. This one is not working very well at present. We purchased it as an experiment from Ebay as it used the wordpress program but clearly it needs work. A lot of work. 

INTERPOL CYBER CRIME An interesting site about the types of cyber crime on the internet well worth reviewing. There have been some major changes in cyber crime lately and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sarah MacDougall "Sometimes you lose Sometimes you win". Sarah is one of Canada's best singers and this is one of my favourite songs!

Bryan Adams "the Ric a Dam Doo" One of Canada's best Regiments the PPCLI Sung by the wives of our soldiers.


Here is a picture of me standing in the Pacific Ocean near Ogden Point in Victoria British Columbia Canada.  Looks a bit silly but standing in the cool fresh salt water of the Pacific is a fun thing to do! Try it sometime! I was a scuba diver in my youth and also lived on a large sailboat for a few years and maybe that's why I like it so much! Sometimes its a good idea to get away from your computer!