A Canadian approach to the Internet where we know what is going on and unfortunately it is not good!

The internet today is full of bullshit. We have over one billion websites and millions of criminals actively pumping out schemes to rip you off. Over a billion bogus emails are sent out each day with the hope that you will be stupid enough to reply to them. Do you really believe that the United Nations has a cheque for you for 5 million dollars? Do you think that a sgt in Afghanistan really has 2 million dollars to move out of the country? Do you really think that a person with your same last name has died in Africa and the lawyer has a huge cheque for you? Do you think that the package that is to be delivered to you is really full of money? And all you need to do to receive these treasures is to send $35 to the address indicated?  And so it goes...

We approach web design with an understanding based on a good University education, 20+ years working in the field and experience in operating several online businesses. Are we correct every time? Nope!  I have tried some business ideas that have failed and some that have succeeded and you really don't know for sure until you try them!  And today the competition is so intense the chances of success are very slim. 

We have two services - web design and the sale of domain names.  The domain names are listed below and if you are interested in our web services please contact me here.   Our fees for web design vary with the job but we would be happy to give you an estimate. Our fees are reasonable but we cannot compete with services from India, China and other areas of the world where the wages are very low. But we do a better job! Our services are for the English speaking world and being Canadian we are polite, honest and funny!


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We have placed our domain names for sale on Sedo, a well established company from Germany with over 16 million listings and an excellent reputation. 

Here is a list of some of the domain names we have for sale today. The names are very unique and easy to remember.   Please  remember that these sales are on a first come first served basis and there is only one of each. 



















   Email : Ron for more info.




BattistonPublishing.com  We have been a registered Publisher in Canada since 1996 and have some very interesting titles for you to read! Most books are in print and e-format. Our titles include a book which is one of the best book in the world on reducing winter driving accidents and the best book every published in Canada about how business really works. 

NorthTreasure.com A very interesting collection of military artefacts and other one of a kind items which you may never find anywhere else.

WaterBomberAirForce.com Here we make a suggestion on how to incorporate Canadian built water bombers the best in the world into the RCAF and we show how that could save billions of dollars of assets in this new environment of increased forest fires due to climate change and the reduction of old growth forests. 

EarthSweater.com  One of our several websites. Here we have interesting and useful manuals and titles at very reasonable prices and fast downloads. This one is not working very well at present. We purchased it as an experiment from Ebay as it used the wordpress program but clearly it needs work. A lot of work. In fact it is a good example of a website that does not work!

INTERPOL CYBER CRIME An interesting site about the types of cyber crime on the internet well worth reviewing. There have been some major changes in cyber crime lately and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sarah MacDougall "Sometimes you lose Sometimes you win". Sarah is one of Canada's best singers and this is one of my favourite songs!

Bryan Adams "the Ric a Dam Doo" One of Canada's best Regiments the PPCLI Sung by the wives of our soldiers.


Here is a picture of me standing in the Pacific Ocean near Ogden Point in Victoria British Columbia Canada.  Looks a bit silly but standing in the cool fresh salt water of the Pacific is a fun thing to do! Try it sometime! I was a scuba diver in my youth and also lived on a large sailboat for a few years and maybe that's why I like it so much!