The Internet is changing  There are now over a billion websites!!! There are millions of people using it for crime or questionable marketing and advertising. There are over 12 million high risk IP addresses today! And each day we see over 100,000 more high risk sites being added! Establishing enough security for your website is becoming very expensive and increasingly difficult. 

Is there a simple solution? Unfortunately not. I may review your situation and tell you that you should avoid using the Internet. I may say that you can continue to use it if you make certain changes. If I do not have the answer for you I will tell you that and not charge you a penny. I am 68 years old and have been working with computers for 47 years. Technology goes in cycles and certain aspects of the Internet are now dead or dying. Other aspects of the Internet provide opportunities. 

There are huge risks. It is entirely possible for you to lose everything in a few seconds if you are attacked by a hacker with a program that you cannot defend yourself against. I am not telling you this to scare you I am telling you this information because this is the reality we face in 2017. 


My name is Ron Battiston. I am the owner of this website and have worked in e-commerce and online as a Systems Analyst, Manager and Owner for over 47 years. Since graduating from University and serving as a Naval Officer I have watched and participated online as the number of websites  and online sales grew. And times have changed a lot!

In my opinion we are now in very dangerous and declining times in the Internet and the potential is here now to lose large amounts of money.  I can help you prevent that from happening! My consulting fees begin at $1500 USD for a one day service. The privacy for each client is very strict and absolutely no information is shared with anyone else. Any questions just ask me


Can you get rich on the Internet?

Maybe. But likely not. Actually, most websites lose money! But nearly everyone who builds websites for you neglects to tell you about this fact!

Can you increase your business for your store front operation? How much money should you spend? 





If you click on the name you will be shown that Domain name for sale on Sedo and if it is being used as one of our websites the price will be indicated in red and you can obtain further information from us here I will consider your offers and or trades. The websites are all relatively inexpensive and all have potential.  


   Email : Ron for more info.

LINKS  This is our hosting site for our 19 active websites. We use an ancient program called Frontpage 2000 to do our sites.  The widespread use of cell phones and tablets is a problem these days for web designers as the cost is increased and the design must be much simpler and adaptive to desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones of various sizes. I am going to stay with Frontpage2000 designs for the time being as we can offer you much more affordable sites that still work well.  We have been a registered Publisher in Canada since 1996 and have some very interesting titles for you to read! Most books are in print and e-format. Our titles include a book which is one of the best book in the world on reducing winter driving accidents and the best book every published in Canada about how business really works. A very interesting collection of military artefacts and other one of a kind items which you may never find anywhere else. Here we make a suggestion on how to incorporate Canadian built water bombers the best in the world into the RCAF and we show how that could save billions of dollars of assets in this new environment of increased forest fires due to climate change and the reduction of old growth forests.  This is an amazing book about how real estate in Canada really works and how to make a lot of money and not lose any while investing in it. 

INTERPOL CYBER CRIME An interesting site about the types of cyber crime on the internet well worth reviewing. There have been some major changes in cyber crime lately and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sarah MacDougall "Sometimes you lose Sometimes you win". Sarah is one of Canada's best singers and this is one of my favourite songs!

Bryan Adams "the Ric a Dam Doo" One of Canada's best Regiments the PPCLI Sung by the wives of our soldiers.


Here is a picture of me standing in the Pacific Ocean near Ogden Point in Victoria British Columbia Canada.  Looks a bit silly but standing in the cool fresh salt water of the Pacific is a fun thing to do! Try it sometime! I was a scuba diver in my youth and also lived on a large sailboat for a few years and maybe that's why I like it so much! Sometimes its a good idea to get away from your computer and other times it is good not to step back..

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